There’s that look that you want to punch. Equal parts smugness and doe eyed dreaminess topped off with a healthy dash of self satisfaction.

The trouble is, it’s gazing back at you from the mirror.

You always swore to yourself you would never go down this route.

Love hearts, stuffed toys and visions of white wedding dresses could surely be only a matter of days away and then all would lost. Where had it gone? The rock hard certitude at the core of your being. That unmovable anchor of your life, washed away by a torrent of raging hormones.

Now you are just going to have to resign yourself to the loss of your rebel loner status. All that hard work that you put in to wrap yourself in a cloak of bemused indifference and hold yourself above the rabble would surely be wiped away by a single smile from him.


Life could be so unfair at times.

You would never be able to hold your head up at the back of the school bus again. Turning your back on the smug, hateful face taunting you in the mirror…

…you smile at the memory of him slouching so endearingly round the edge of the school yard…

…it’s so worth it!

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