Just for fun…

[No real theme – it just amused me at the time!]


Yeth mathter…

For god’s sake Igor what have I told you about the accent – save it for the tourists.

The fact that Igor could blush is a tribute to my microsurgery talents – suturing blood vessels isn’t the easiest job in the world. Especially by candle light.

Well master it would be easier…

Yes. Yes. Igor. I know – you need a new tongue. The castle needs a new roof and the werewolf is on strike due to non payment of wages. Being a mad scientist just doesn’t pay like it used to. We need money.

Now have you got me the spiders legs I wanted?

Igor handed over a bottle containing of cluster of still wriggling appendages.

Perfect. Now you know how this plan is going to work?

Yeth. Erm yes master.

Have you got the marketing ready – Dr Willemans diet delectables – all spelled correctly and ready to go?
Yes master.

Excellent. This economic downturn has hit everyone; and who will pay out for a new corset when you can fit back into your current one? Well obviously not you Igor – I built your corset in when I put you together. All I need to do is graft these legs onto the cookies then they will make me a mint. All these lardy ladies of high society will be scampering around after them working off the calories before getting their tasty treat. We can’t lose Igor; the money will be rolling in!

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